Friday, September 23, 2011

The Steelcase Sale

We thought you might want to know that from now until October 2nd every piece of Steelcase merchandise on our site will be sold to you at 15% off. Yeah, no big deal. Just some of the finest furniture being made in America today, designed by some of the most accomplished in-house designers anywhere. That's all. 15% off. AND free shipping. No biggie. If you want to take advantage of this once-in-a-year opportunity you should, you know, act quickly. Sorry, we just couldn't contain our excitement much longer. The Steelcase Sale ends October 2nd, so don't waste time getting these awesome products at a great price!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Elemental Living

Ilex 16in Side TableWe want to let our readers know about a fantastic new product line. It's beautiful, durable, sustainable, personal, and authentic. It's called Elemental Living, and it's available to purchase now online. Elemental Living is all about the creation of environmentally friendly furniture. And that doesn't just mean clean manufacturing or recyclable products. It also means selecting natural materials and letting them speak for themselves - and show off their natural strength. Ruus Dining Chair The furniture you buy from Elemental Living will be long-lasting, beautiful, and honest in terms of material and form. You can't ask for much more from contemporary furniture, but you'll get more anyway - the pieces are also completely customizable, with a huge range of color choices to make each piece unique and uniquely your own. Stop by Smart Furniture today and take a look at a furniture series we think is going to take the design world by storm: Elemental Living.

The Nelson Tray Table

George Nelson is one of our favorite designers here at Smart Furniture. The things he made are timeless not only because they're beautiful, but also because they're useful and necessary even in today's hectic offices and homes. Take, for instance, the Nelson Tray Table, a limited edition product we're proud to offer for as long as it lasts (they're only going to make a short production run of them, so they'll sell out quick)! It's a two-in-one piece, being a simple tray for parties and displays (but don't you dare use it as a cutting board!) as well as a table top when combined with its special brushed steel base. Also, it's gorgeous. Just look at it:Nelson Tray TableIt's almost a shame to put anything on top of it. It's a tray, it's a table, it's mid-century design suited for 21st century use! Get yours today at Smart Furniture.