Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Office Spotlight: Melanie Silva

This month we're taking a look at the office of one of our greatest salespeople at Smart Furniture: Melanie Silva.

Melanie is an offensive force that walked in off the farm in Hawaii - she sells for average and power, and plays great defense when she has to. She's also got tons of Smart Furniture Swag, on an around which she works her sales-y magic. Here she is, #10 in your Cowbell programs and #1 in your Smart Furniture hearts:

Why Yes, that is a Steelcase Tour Desk she's working on! So glad you noticed. The Tour, with its 120 degree angle, makes all the different things Melanie has to work with easy to reach and accessible. The square legs are a feature not many desks have, but they go with the overall spartan look of the Tour.

And behind Melanie's desk we have a custom piece of original Smart Shelving (the food on the ledges is for Mel's dog, Kona, who is frequently a jovial presence in the office).

Just one more unique Smart Furniture employee in a unique Smart Furniture space. By the way, Mel is killing it on my fantasy sales team this season.