Monday, February 28, 2011

The Knoll Classics Sale

Hello All, I really hope you’ve been taking advantage of our ongoing Knoll Classics Sale! Starting today until March 6th all of the timeless furniture pieces from the Knoll Classics Collection are 15% off. That means 15% off products like the Womb Chair by Eero Saarinen, or the Barcelona Chair by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. That means 15% off furniture by Warren Platner, Harry Bertoia, Jens Risom and Florence Knoll, all some of the greatest furniture designers and artists of all time. Knoll has a long and distinguished tradition of working with only the best designers and producing only the finest furniture. And now we’re making their all-time classics available to you at a deep discount. But wait, there’s more (as they say on the tube)! If you participate in this ongoing sale, you’ll receive free shipping and a complimentary white glove shipping upgrade! White glove shipping means you get to schedule a date and time for the delivery. Our guys will take the furniture you order right into your home and help you put it together if there is any assembly required. After that, they’ll take out all the trash and debris. Now how’s that for customer service? Don’t wait to get your Knoll furniture. Get it for 15% off and with white glove shipping, from now until March 6th.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Gil's Office

Hi All! After giving you a glimpse of Karen's office space last month, I thought we’d use this month to highlight what is possibly the most unique “office” in our entire space. Gil Cayabyab is the Director of Marketing here at Smart Furniture, and the place couldn’t run without him. But aside from being one of our best employees, Gil is one of our best improvisers, as his office space will show: That’s right, Gil set his office up on a mini catwalk extending out over the lobby of our space!In terms of unique office space, Gil finds himself literally up in the air. Because it is such a nontraditional spot for an office, the improvisation doesn’t stop at choosing the location. Gil has to use a few tricks to make sure he can fit everything he needs into a tight space. One solution? You guessed it, Smart Cubes.That’s not the only bit of Smart Furniture merch Gil’s got working for him. Check out that desk, put together with no tools. It’s big and wide enough for folks to work comfortably, and it’s adaptable enough to fit in nearly any space - even catwalks!All in all, Gil’s space might be the coolest in the office. It’s unique, it’s well-adapted and improvisational, and it’s the best seat in the house when it comes to ping pong and creeping out Matt Wood.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The SAYL is here!

Finally, after we've waited for months and months, the SAYL Chair is officially in the house. Teal Thibaud, one of our awesome salespeople (recently featured in Chatter Magazine’s “Chattanooga’s 11 Hottest Catches” issue, natch) expresses our enthusiasm below: It’s quite a thrill to have the chair we’ve been thinking and writing about so much actually in our store and available to customers. We know you’re going to love it!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Free Stressless Leather Upgrade through March 20th!

If you’re one of the many Smart Furniture customers who is looking for a Stressless Chair, Recliner or Sofa, you’ve got a great opportunity now. From now until March 20th, every single Stressless Chair, Recliner or Sofa is eligible for a free upgrade to leather! If you were thinking of going with fabric to save a little money, or if you just think leather would look better in your home or be a nice change of pace, the next few weeks are a not so subtle sign that the gods are smiling on you. Stressless Royal ChairThe free leather upgrade is characterized thusly:
  • Introductory Fabrics can be upgraded to Batick Leather
  • Batick Leather can be upgraded to Paloma or Classic Leather
  • Paloma or Classic Leather can be upgraded to Royalin Leather
If any of those categories fit the product you're thinking of buying, then it’s time for a free leather upgrade, courtesy of the house. Just one more way we make shopping at Smart Furniture a smart decision.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hi, guys!

From now on, we thought it’d be cool to give our readers a sneak peak behind the scenes of Smart Furniture itself. About once a month we’ll pull back the curtain on the office of one of our employees and let you see how they use Smart Furniture products to help organize and beautify their workspaces. First up is me, Karen Culp. Check out how I use cubes to organize the stray objects, papers, books and work implements that tend to float around an office!Of course, the most important part of any office set up is the desk area. The desk I use is a Smart Furniture original product, put together without using tools, and the chair I rock in is the inimitable Mirra Chair.What’s that you say? You’re wondering if that’s the Leaf Lamp on my desk? Designed by Yves Behar? Released by Herman Miller? Why, yes, it is. At the end of a long work day, or whenever you need to have a quick meeting, it’s good to have an area where you can sit down and relax. I recommend a good couch combined with a good coffee table (or low table). Check out what I’ve set up in the corner:Here’s how the office looks when you see it all together: Well, I hope you see some ideas you can use yourself; or at least some helpful Smart Furniture products you could use in your own office!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Smart Organization

Getting organized is a worthy goal, but sometimes it can be overwhelming. Where should you start? When setting up a smart organization system, it’s important to find what works best for you, your space, and your organizational style. Modular storage and shelving units can serve as a great design solution for your organizational woes. What’s great about these products is that you can design them online just the way you want them, put them together quickly with no tools, and reconfigure them to fit your changing needs over time. This is smart organization at its best, and it’s a great place to start your quest for organizational bliss. For example, check out our Smart Shelves. You can design your own setup by choosing the finish, the style, and the dimensions to fit you and your space. By making a smart organization investment, you can configure a system that’s perfect for you. Plus, you can be confident that if your needs change over time, you can rework your modular shelving or storage system to fit your new space or serve its new purpose. We use smart organization techniques throughout our office and wouldn’t have it any other way. We’ve added plenty of home organization product lines and styles to to ensure you find exactly what you need. And if you need help choosing a system that’s right for you, our team is always happy to help!