Monday, December 13, 2010

Hohrizontal 51

The Hohrizontal 51 Docking Shelf and sound system is one of the coolest pieces of furniture and technology we’ve seen in a long time here at Smart Furniture. We liked it so much, and were so curious about how it would perform, that we got one installed in our own offices. After having used it for several weeks, I can personally attest that the sound quality is astounding for such an unassuming system. Just plug in your iPod, or your speakers or television, as we do, and sit back and enjoy. Of course what makes this product super-cool, and not just super-good, is the look of it. If you didn’t know what it was, you’d just think the product was a modern shelf, floating on the wall and looking great. You could use it for almost anything; to keep books and DVDs organized, to display photographs or keepsakes. But then you hear it start playing, and you’re blown away. This is one of the those products that we recommend with a whole heart; we love it, we use it, and it’s truly fantastic. It’s made by Finite Elemente, and we see some big things in their future if they can keep making products like this. Hohrizontal 51 Docking iPod Shelf

Friday, December 3, 2010

Herman Miller SAYL Chair Buzz

Herman Miller SAYL ChairThe new SAYL Chair from designer Yves Behar is generating a lot of buzz in the furniture industry, and it has started to leak out into the mainstream as well. Here at our offices we get WIRED magazine, and one of the recent issues had their "Wish List 2010, 100 Best Gifts for Geeks." Naturally, we had to read through it.
And what did we see on page 136, ranking number 65? You guessed it, the Herman Miller SAYL Chair. According to WIRED, this is a chair with the comfort of the Aeron for a fraction of the price, and as easy to make as it is to sit in: "Look for it in a cost-conscious startup near you."
We couldn't agree more, of course, and we're excited to sell this work of art and ergonomics to our customers!