Friday, July 30, 2010

NeoCon 2010

We’re still flush from our trip to NeoCon in Chicago - forgive us, it was heaven.

The keynote speaker was Yves Behar. He’s Swiss, he works in San Fransisco, and he makes some amazing things. His keynote was pretty special, as well. The topic was Design in the Age 360┬║.

Essentially, Behar’s point was that new designers had to work between two poles. One pole was personal expression; what you wanted to say, how you wanted to say it, your own taste and decisions. The other was modern technology, the cutting edge of modern design. In a sense, you have to navigate between what you love and what your buyers (clients, users, etc.) need and will find useful.

It’s bold for a designer, especially one as high profile as Behar, to come out even a little bit on the side of the buyer rather than that of the creator, but it’s the right thing to do. We like to think Smart Furniture does it every day. The address was refreshing and apt, and Behar has securely caught our attention as a guy to look out for.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Herman Miller to Re-Introduce the George Nelson Basic Cabinet Series!

This fall, one of our favorite dealers will be re-releasing a classic series of modular furniture, the Nelson Basic Cabinet Series. The last time you could buy these simple, elegant pieces was back in 1958, 13 years into George Nelson’s service as Herman Miller’s Director of Design (1945-1972). The cabinet line was meant as a useful and attractive storage solution, as well as a waiting room set; the centerpiece of the collection is the Nelson Bench. The new line, updated slightly to include the Nelson Bench with metal legs, was debuted at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair, ICFF. Smart Furniture was there to see the set’s debut, and we even snapped a few pics: The simplicity of the furniture is emblematic of Herman Miller’s overall philosophy under Mr. Nelson; minimal stylization, faith in simple materials, and a complete aesthetic fitting for modern life. Smart Furniture couldn’t be more excited to be bringing this furniture to our customers, and we know you’ll love the Nelson Basic Cabinet Series as much as we do!