Monday, November 30, 2009

Introducing Setu

ready. SET. go. Smart Furniture introduces the SETU chair by Herman Miller. Design your own in 3minutes. Goal: A work chair that was comfortable, environmentally responsible, stunning to look at, and a perfect fit for the modern office. The designers at Studio 7.5 responded with a chair that met and exceeded every immodest goal: the Setu Chair. New, innovative, precisely engineered, and beautifully designed, the Setu Chair mirrors the rush of technology and the bustle of the modern workplace. It's also designed to deal with the downsides of the modern workplace: long stretches of sitting, working at computers, and fatigue. Every inch of the Setu Chair has been molded and re-molded, finessed, until it has become the ideal chair for the today's office, and the today's worker. The Kinematic Spine is a hyper-responsive, intuitive design element that enables your unlimited and ultra-comfortable movement in the Setu Chair. Designed to look like the human spine, and arranged against the back and seat of the chair as an exoskeleton, it is a transparent, hip and useful piece of furniture design. When you sit in the Setu Chair, it is the Kinematic Spine that allows for your freedom of movement. The Herman Miller Setu Chair is all about transparent design, literally. The elastomeric fabric that serves as the back and seat of the chair is a mesh, allowing for semi-transparency and the free passage of air through the chair.That keeps it cool, in more ways than one. Literally cool in that it prevents the build up of heat that can happen with solid or leather chairs and cause discomfort and sweating, and cool in the way it adds to the technological and aesthetic quality of the chair. The engineers, designers and artists who worked to create the Setu Chair did it with one goal in mind: to make it perfect for you. They succeeded by building a chair that couldn't have been built before, a wonder of modern design.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009 Adds Knoll Generation Chair to its Smart Designer Platform

November 18, 2009 Smart Furniture announced today that the Generation by Knoll is now available, and fully customizable in 3 minutes at The Generation chair by Knoll (NYSE: KNL) is the first chair of it's kind to offer "elastic design," a product of years of research and innovation. The result is a highly adaptable, flexible, and functional chair that breaks down the barriers of conventional wisdom in office chair design. The Knoll Generation chair allows people to sit in the chair backwards, sideways, or slouched--all while remaining comfortable. The Generation chair is "smart" furniture in more ways than one, including environmental sustainability. Rated Sustainable Platinum under the SMaRT© Consensus Sustainable Product Standards, and consistent with Knoll's holistic approach to sustainability which considers all three criteria of the sustainability triple bottom line: environmental, social and economic impacts. Smart Furniture CEO T. J. Gentle: "The Knoll Generation chair sets a bar for office chair design. Nothing about this chair is derivative or uninspired, and it's flexibility lends itself well to our "Smart Designer" platform, where customers can customize their Generation chair online, on the spot." Founder and Chairman Stephen Culp added: "Knoll's approach to the Generation chair is consistent with Smart Furniture's core belief about furniture design. It liberates movement rather than restricting it. It embraces different workstyles rather than dictating one. It focuses on the uniqueness of each customer." Culp added, "Knoll has created an office chair that uniquely serves its human companion by adapting to his or her individual style, rather than the other way around."
More information about the Knoll Generation chair is available at at About Smart Furniture, Inc. Smart Furniture® brings custom design to a whole new market-- everyone. As the industry leader in “Design-on-Demand®” furniture and interiors, Smart Furniture empowers customers to customize furniture and spaces, quickly and easily. Promoting personalization through product design, technology, and a passion for customer service, Smart Furniture continues to earn industry-wide acclaim and dramatic customer growth. For product or showroom information, call 888-GO-SMART or visit Smart Furniture, Inc. Karen Liwanpo


Grand Rapids, Michigan + bridge + table + chairs, what a site. ArtPrize Artprize has taken over the city, or with this picture above sure has stirred up some buzz. A table and Chairs over a bridge? If only we could do something like that here in Chattanooga, TN with our famous walking bridge (picture below). We could invite the community to build smart shelves as high at the bridge, or turn the bridge into a living room? Either way... Grand Rapids has a good rep for furniture. good furniture. To top it off, One of our most popular product lines, and famous team- Charles and Ray Eames's grandson, Eames Demetrios had permantally installed plaques that represent a global work of three dimensinal storytelling, Kcymaerxthaere.

Monday, November 16, 2009

inside out. outside in.

This outdoor furniture by Kartell is enjoyable inside or out.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

our signature line + another happy customer

Below is a before and after shot of our signature line and a happy customer. Smart Shelves continue to please our customers. request a catalog

Friday, November 6, 2009

Happy Customer With Happy Toys

Unbuckle the fun with buckleyboo. BuckleyBoos encourage cognitive development through multi-stage learning. Buckleyboo's look great on Smart Furniture shelving. BuckleyBoo, We love you too.

Eco-Friendly Gus Modern

Gus Modern has announced that they are now manufacturing all upholstered seating with 100% FSC-certified wood, sourced from responsibly managed forests. Nice work! Gus Design Group offers sleek pieces that meld industrial influences with elegant finishes. Well proportioned sofas and sectionals inspired by mid-century modernism have been gaining attention across the country and internationally.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


I love customers. I love our customers even more when they take pictures of their Smart Furniture swag. I really love our customers even more when they take pictures of their Smart Furniture swag and I grew up with them for the first 18 or so years of my life. I'm digging my sis' new furniture selections, starting off with a Calligaris Regency Oval Dining Table and getting some additional Kartell Victoria Ghost Chairs to match the pair she already had, topped off with some Kartell Louis Ghost Chairs at the head of the table.